Adafruit veml6070 programming problem

Hi guys. I decided to use an adafruit veml6070 uv light sensor in my weather station. Im using it together with bosch bmp180 barometer, connected on i2c. While the barometer is working just fine, there is a problem with uv light sensor showing all the time 0 value. I connected both the sensors to wemos d1 mini pro which has sda and scl signals on d1 and d2 pin, i also added 10k pullup resistors. Is there any problem with the connection or the sensor shoving 0 because is located indoor for now?

If you are not using a library, you'll have to understand the datasheet. It appears that the register for the high order 8 bits and low order 8 bits have different I2C addresses.

UV is easily blocked so maybe open the window to try.