Adafruit WINC1500 WiFi Shield Error Light

Everytime my project starts up now the Adafruit WINC1500 WiFi Shields error light instantly turns on.

I am using the Mega 2560 REV3 with this Wifi shield
I have a couple sensors on a I2C bus providing data
This is all running using 5V logic level
The bench power supply suggests its only uses 180mA when looping and up to 230mA when transmitting data.
I also have a 16 x 2 LCD screen and a few led lights to help me debug

I have been running my program for three straight days using the USB cord connected to the computer. My project sends data from sensors to my server via WiFi Shield. This program doesn't shut down it just checks to see if the time is at the top of the hour and sends all sensor data again.

I then ran the project from a bench power supply again for almost a week, no issues.

I then ran it from a 12V 1amp wall jack and the next morning this issue started. The program was running for about 13hrs before the issue started.

  1. Could this be the result of a power surge and it fried my WiFi shield, or could it be how I had it wired?

  2. In the future if it was a power surge how do I prevent this from happening again? use a surge protector or is their something else I could try. Eventually I would like to put this outside.

  3. With a multi meter can I check to see what is broken on my board and fix it? if so are their any instructional videos on how to do this?

Thank you