Adafruit_SSD1306 Library and Examples

I have downloaded the Adafruit_SSD1306 Library to use with the Diymall 0.96" Inch Yellow and Blue I2c IIC Serial 128x64 Oled ..

does anyone have an example sketch I can learn from.. the IC2 example with The Adafruit does not seem to compile without a host of errors i.e Adafruit GFX.H

probably you don't have GFX.h installed or it's corrupted. another good library for graphic displays is called u8glib. just uncomment line for your display and compile. should work

this is my kitchen gadget using u8glib. Including ds3231 rtc, dht22, ds18b20, bmp180 and 128x64 white oled.

Hello Mazur. I am trying to do something similar but am having difficulty in figuring out how to properly call the results of my DHT22 for display on my OLED.

Would you share a code example?

Thank you