Adafruits-ask an engineer show

is it me, or is this show just a info commerical of its parts and boards for sale? one hour , its maybe just 5 minutes of EE, the rest is them and there products....maybe they should change the title to "Adafruits Product Show"....Look Sparkfun has its show on fridays...but its 4 minutes or Adafruit....lets have a real ask an engineer show.

Yeah I noticed that to. they should have an actual ask an engineer show. 8).

thats why I said it here...if i was on there site I get banned , like a friend of mine did once....its there way or no way

I tried watching it a few times, but could never get into it.

Dave Jones over at the does a far better show if you ask me. Lots of information, good product reviews ...and the forums are good, but not as good as here ;)


yeah…i love the EEblog and the amp hour show