Adafruit's new website

It's looking nice but so slow. It takes forever to add an item to wish list. What are your experiences with this new site?

Too many graphics ...

I'm getting about a three second response using a 768 k internet connection.

I’m using a “fast internet” service of unknown Mb/s and using latest core i 5 computer. It’s probably pictures (too high resolution).

I say bring back the old site or have the option of a mobile version. I find the new one so much more difficult to navigate and find things. Form over function.

Seems fine to me (speed wise) over my mobile phone connection. No comment yet on navigation.


The new one has a drop down menu instead of a column of navigation links on the left. It works fine for me. Mobile version also has hi res graphics, loads fine.

Took 11 seconds to load for the first time in Chrome on a dual-core 3GHz box over a 1.2Gbps Internet connection.

It’s pretty, but it’s not any easier to navigate, the graphics just add weight, and the type is huge. Definitely best viewed on a 1080 monitor from a few feet back. Not an improvement, IMO, and it will make browsing by phone a real chore. I really don’t think the answer is to make “responsive” layouts, or design a separate site for mobile. Mobile browsers have been doing everything they can to make normal desktop sites accessible on small devices, let’s not rehash the power-strip / wall-wart plug orientation fiasco again with web site design.

Ah well, we’ll see I guess.

They have really good stock pictures. On a phone the mobile site is loaded, which is not too slow. The navigation improved somewhat from my viewpoint. With the navigation column removed, more space is dedicated to content. It looks boxy, like win 8. That's a neutral comment. I took about a couple hours to go through all their categories and picked the things I need for a grant-funded project and saved all to wish list. It's good. Just wish it loads faster, especially the wish list, when I have a few dozen parts in it.

Gotta love the ten-foot UI. Not.