Adafruit's Xbee adaptor or xbee shield ?

Hi, I want to buy either of the products. What do you guys recommend more ? Adafruit's Xbee adaptor kit or xbee shield ? and why ? also has anyone used seeedstudio xbee shield, and if yes then how is it ?

Personally, I stay away from the shields. They force you to use pins 0 and 1 for comm and I want those for other things. They may take up other pins that I will want to use. One of the boards like the adafruit one give you the flexibility to put the xbee anywhere you want when you go to an enclosure, they regulate the voltage separately and they can be hooked to something besides the arduino if you want.

I bought tihs kind of shield for the XBee... and I'm not happy. Mainly because the power connections come from the SPI connector and, guess what, mine didn't come with the IDC plug to use it. So it's another trip to an electronics shop, buying a plug, solder it and test.

If you can go with the Sparkfun model. a bit more expensive, but not so exotic.

I'm using the seedstudio XBee Shield without problems. It has switches to select either the hardware serial port or D11 and D12 for use with newSoftSerial. The switches let you upload sketches to the Arduino while the shield and XBee are attached.

The only drawback is its not a standard shield format and covers D0-D7, so you can't add another shield on top of it. You also can't use it on top of another shield because it plugs into the ISP header on the arduino.

Sparkfun’s shield is quite expensive.Ofcourse it would be worth that price but i am looking for some cheaper alternative.I thought of buying seeedstudio xbee shield but i guess i’ll go with Adafruit’s xbee adaptor kit.
It seems to be good and easy to use.