Adalight/Boblight/Hyperion? Please help a novice!

Hi I have decided to try my hand at building an Ambilight clone. I have no previous experience of electronics or programming at all, although I have extensive experience working with computers. I have bought a set of lights: which are WS2812B lights - and after some initial worries that I had bought the wrong lights, I was able to test them and get them working with a test Sketch running on my Ardunio Uno that generated some pretty test patterns for these lights.

However that's it. I am now stuck. I have a strip of 130 working LED's, but I don't know what to do next? There are a couple of small caveats to this project. First I don't want to use Linux for this, as it's a family TV and quite frankly my family simply won't get Linux (second because I use Windows Media Centre exclusively for watching TV and there is no Linux equivalent with equally good EPG or PVR functionality). Second I would prefer not to have to use XBMC, pretty much for the same reasons. On the whole I am happy with VLC for most movie playing tasks.

So the thing is, what do I do now? I have a 5V power supply powering the lights and have followed an appropriate wiring diagram for the set up and have run a test sketch and it all seems to work just fine. I have no idea what the next steps are however? I have heard the words Bob light and Adalight and Hyperion banded about, but am not at all clear how they apply to my scenario?

Also do I need a sketch loaded on my Ardunio Uno that can interpret the video signal from my computer and that can in turn tell the Uno which lights to change and when? Presumably I would need some kind of daemon running on my PC that could also read the video signal and then send this to the Uno for processing? If so what are these components and where can I get them?

Please help, this is my very first Ardunio project and I am desperate to learn and to succeed in at least one project.