Adapter for a 1mm component pin to fit MKR Proto Shield proto area?

What is typically used to adapt 1mm diameter pins so they'll fit into the smaller through-hole protoboard sections like on the MKR Proto Shield? I'm sure this is slightly larger than normal, but it's coming off of a 5V/3A output switching regulator that I'd like to solder onto the MKR, so that may explain their size. Likewise, a 10x8 matrix would be ideal (MKR Relay Shield section). I don't really need something this large for nominal use, but I remember my old uBlox GSM modem requiring up to ~2500mA during carrier registration, so it's really just for this brief period (or, to the contrary, indefinitely if there are issues finding service.)


Nothing is used. The pins are bend over after going through the hole and then soldered.

The pins don't fit through the hole. Are you saying you think they might actually be able to with enough force?

Then use a drill to enlarge the hole and then bend pin and solder. There are also reamer kits available to ream the hole to the side you need.

got it. thanks.

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