Adapting an existing project for uploading code via audio

I have a circuit that uses an atmega328 and I burn code to it via avrisipmkII using the ICSP header.

My circuit does not have any manual reset button but there is a 10k pullup resistor. The avrispmkII pulls reset pin low automatically.

My goal is to modify this project so that other people can easily upload code to it without an avrisp.

The plan is to burn a new bootloader that supports uploading of code via audio.

Redirect or

However these approaches require the user to manually press reset before commencing upload.

Is there anyway around this? e.g. could I have my users simply power cycle before uploading so that the arduino derivative is basically in a reset/startup state at time of trying to upload code?

Power cycling would be one option. Another would be using a tele connector (6,5 or 3,5) with a breaking jack that activates some kind of one-shot circuit to reset the avr when the plug is inserted.

Could you use a stereo jack and use one channel for the reset signal ?