ADC as multimeter

After searching the internet for some 220 kill-a-watts I figured out It would be too expensive, So I thought of making my own one.
The Plan is to have 2 ADCs, one for voltage, one for amperage, and they both connect to the arduino, there they will be multiplied and the result will be displayed to the user.

Having no experience with ADCs, I figured someone could help me with the selection of the right component.

Which ADC is recommended for high amperage and voltage reading with high precision?


You have quite a bit more work to do before selecting components. You can't put 220V right into an ADC: you have to bring the voltage down. Harder is dealing with the current. How do you plan to measure the current on the AC line? Current transformer? Hall effect device?

It might be a good idea to look at other people's similar circuits to gauge the complexity first and see if this is something you want to take on.

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bah, thats too complicated.
i guess ill have to read more before i put another reply in this post

Unfortunately most jobs that sound simple initialy wind up being complicated when all things are taken into account :frowning: