ADC cross-interference

I'm using arduino mini pro. 4 ADC ( A0, A1, A2 A3, ) to convert LDR( light dependent resistor) voltage to digit.
The circuit is like this 5v---5.6K--@--LDR----GND. the measure( ADC) is at @ point. seems four converted value are interference each other. the program read A0, A1, A2, A3 one by one. if they have interference, how to solve it?


Read each Ax twice, use the 2nd reading. Gives the data time to settle.

thanks for your suggestion.
actually, I read each ADC 6 times, remove Max and Min then use the rest 4 for average. and between each read I have 10ms delay.

All that and it's still corrupted? Wow.

LDRs in the dark can have a very high impedance - the ADC needs a drive impedance
of 10k or less to perform to specification - perhaps the sensors need buffering before
the ADC?