Adc+dac 16bit 48khz or better breakout boards?

Ideally 24bit 96khz. Lots of smd chips that do this, but not seeing any breakout boards that have audio IO like this. HifiBerry at $100 a pop is ~4x what I want to spend.

A bunch of Chinese PCM1802 I2S boards are floating around, which is half the equation (though of dubious quality). Any suggestions?

The Teensy audio shields use an audio codec and so handle both input and output
via I2S - though not you need a microcontroller that handles I2S natively, and the pin
out is designed for the Teensy boards, which are Arduino compatible but not actual

24bit 96khz breakout board, for $25, let me know when you find one and I will get a couple.

What do you really want to do ?
Please tell more about your project.

Do you know the ADAU1701 ?

Yeah, the teensy is just a hair below where I want it, but close. This is for an fx unit, so I’m trying to get latency down with minimal audio quality loss, and still be relatively compact. I could just go with the Daisy or Axoloti platform but I’m trying to build a somewhat agnostic I2S solution. Then there’s solutions like the Bela cape for beaglebone, which is awesome, but total overkill (for me).

The ADAU1701, is a good call. Looks pretty good, plus it has DSP, which might be better for what I’m trying to do. I’m seeing a couple boards ~$30. Someone’s also made some arduino libraries for it already:

If you want something that has been done by others and that works, then go for the Teensy.

If you can find a way to use I2S for input and output, the result might be better. I’m afraid there will be a few conversions between analog and digital in your system, and each with their own sample frequency. If you have a few analog-digital conversions after each other, even with 24-bit 96 kHz, you probably can hear loss in clarity and in the stereo image.

By the way, I have a amplifier that compensates the signal for the small speaker boxes with DSP. They do that in a bad way and the low frequencies make me nauseous.

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