ADC not working

I wanted my micro-controller to work independently (without arduino, only atmega168) on some project (programmed by arduino of course)

I did the set up as in the link… &

Everything works, i tested with an led, the digitalWrite/Read and analogWrite functions are working just as they should. But the analogRead is not workin.

The ADC is not returning any values…wat could be wrong?
This was raised earlier too here but with no solutions…

Please help.

PS: I’ve connected VCC(pin 7), AREF & AVCC to +5V and both Gnd to 0volts.

AREF & AVCC to +5V

You should not connect Aref to +5V but to a 0.1uF capacitor to ground.
That web site is not my favorite they always get something wrong on it.