ADC of a EEG signal


Im doing a project trying to convert a EEG-signal to digital using the due. The signal is processed by a filter and amplifier circuit before going into the Arduino due but im having a bit of trouble trying to scale up the sampling speed.
Im quite new to the Arduino but have done som minor project before.

Do you guys know how to modify the microcontroller or know any good threads to follow for help?

Trying to measure specifict brainwaves like alpha and beta which run between a frequency of 5-30Hz.
The output voltage from the electrodes attach to the scalp is around 10uV-100uV (but this is being dealt byt the circuit)

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What modification do you want to make? Why do you want to make any modification?

What is your sample rate? Maybe 75 samples per second? Any Arduino can handle this rate easily. What are you trying to do with the samples?

I have worked on such signals before and these alpha, beta etc are called features of the EEG signal. You need to design a feature extraction algo in order to get them.

You can start with counting the peaks of your sinusoidal signal and then try to detect your pattern. I would suggest you to work on MATLAB instead of Arduino to design your algo. Use Arduino to send this data to computer via serial.