Add Arduino hex File into Proteus ISIS

Hello everyone,

I am working on an arduino duemilanove board and I would like to simulate the arduino code in Prooteus ISIS for a school project. I already build the project fiscally ( a wireless robot - arduino + Xbee + Cam + Servos + Stepper + Distance sensor - and the PC program in C#). I've done all my PCB layouts and circuits with ISIS and ARES but when I try to simulate the Atmega323P the simulation throws errors. :~ :( :disappointed_relieved: Does anyone know how to do that? Is there a tutorial in English? Some pictures?

I'll be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!

ISIS is a big piece of poop. It is FULL of bugs, dont even think about simulating micros in that thing, it will give you mis-leading results.

Yes, it’s possible to simulate Arduino code using ISIS.
Here’s a very simple tutorial I found:
I’ve not tried out any really complex sketches yet. But I guess it should work like a charm.

When you click on upload, the hex file is created in the Temp folder by the Arduino IDE. To find the hex file in Windows XP, goto to this location: C:\Documents and Settings<user-name>\Local Settings
and just search for *.hex. Make sure you select “Search hidden files and folders” check box.

Here’s an old forum thread discussing the same:

Hope this helps! :wink: