Add BLE to my project

Hi there,

I am trying to add BLE to my project using the BLE Mate 2 by Sparkfun.

Does anyone know how I can use this module to receive data from a mobile device and send it to an Arduino over UART?

Sparkfun has a library:

But I cannot get the peripheral example to work.

Please let me know how I would be able to do this.

Thank you!

First we will need a schematic of how you hooked it up. (No F**ing diagrams please, unless you use the schematic view.)

Then we need to know which one of the Sparkfun tutorials you followed. Post the EXACT code you uploaded to your Arduino. Which Arduino are you using?

Then tell us what you have on the other end on the phone.

Then tell us what happened when you tried it. What error messages did you get? Saying "It doesn't work" is unhelpful. Describe exactly what it did, even if that was not what you were expecting it to do.