Add different atmel chip to Arduino

Hi folks,
I am working in a project using an AT90PWM chip. I am wondering what I should do in order to get this chip supported on Arduino.

I would also like to know how to get rid of the bootloader for once. Even on the 328's I never managed to fully get them working without the bootloader. I reckon the fuse settings set the chip to look for code where the bootloader should be and obviously there's nothing there. The other thing with the bootloader is that I don't want the fuses to get changed at upload time.

Greatfull for any tips/suggestions

In order to add a board to arduino there are some stepto be taken

Make sure you have a Hardware folder in [User]/Arduino
This older can have subfolders
The Hardware folders contains a boards.txt file
This file can have multiple entries, each entry follows this example: (internal 8 MHz clock)

The .variant= in the last line refers to a folder ./variants/tiny14
This folder contains a pins_arduino.h which maps arduino pin numbers to port pins