Add GSM shield to a weather station

Hello to all Arduino community! :slight_smile:

I'm a newcomer to Arduino and all this stuff, but I'm eagerly trying to make a weather station for my gardern use out of Arduino parts and sensors.

I've found very good sample on howto assemble robust Arduino station that would measure air temp, humidity and pressure and store it on SD card:

Thanks to Nick Gammon for such a great share!

What I want you to ask is how do I add GSM shield to this configuration so I can turn it on (based on interval) and trasmit data to the web server.

My question is more on the actual circuit... What do I do to connect GSM shield (including additional MOSFET to power it on/off) to Nick's circuit..

Maybe point me into some directions to read about that or share your expirience on how you would do that..

Sorry if I'm asking too much and better have to spent more time to understand all the basics of Arduino stuff and find it out myself :wink:


have a look at