Add LED Backlighting to LCD controlled by Arduino?

A fellow member from another board gave me the idea to control a LCD backlight via LEDs. This would be good for two reasons, number one I wont shock myself with high voltage inverters for CCFL tubes/lights, and number two I can control the LEDs brightness with the Arduino using PWM. A third reason, although CCFL last 50,000 hours I believe LEDS last longer, take up less power consumption, and can be brighter if done right. He suggested using a photoresistor so when its darker or the lights are off to make the screen less bright, and when its lighter to make the screen more bright. A fun little project to interface with the Arduino.

Now, has anyone here ever converted an LCD screen to LED backlit, my screen is only 10.4" diagonal. I was searching the web for smt led strips and what not but couldn’t find anything, does anyone have any suggestions on how to convert the board to be LED backlit. Thanks in advanced.

iv done a led backlight mod to a 5" psone screen
can you post a picture of different angles of the lcd to see how this thing looks?