Add more than one MPR121 with the Bare Conductive library

So the question is pretty much in the title : is there a way to use more than one capacitive touch sensor type MPR121 with the Bare Conductive library ? any help or advice is welcome !

When the ADDR pin is tied to VSS, VDD, SDA, SCL, the address selected is 0x5A, 0x5B, 0x5C, 0X5D respectively.

#define MPR121addr 0x5A
. . .
MPR121.begin(MPR121addr); //

yeah I already made all four of them work together using the Adafruit library... My problem is a bit more precise since I want to switch from adafruit's library to Bare conductive's one

#define MPR121addr 0x5A // the address you want
. . .

thank you for your quick answers !
I also already managed to use a single IC, but like I mentioned I want to read 4 distinct MPR121s, to get a total of 48 inputs...

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