Add ram to an arduino

How can I connect ram to an arduino nano to add more variables ?

You can't.
Well, not easily.

Not easy at all.

Use an Arduino with more memory.

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There are many people here that can help with your program design than may free up more memory. But first, when did your program get so big? Have you been testing as you wrote the code? Are you using local variables for functions so their memory can be reused, or are all your variables global, so they never disappear?

Do you have a lot of string literals that take up SRAM? Constant arrays? Those may be moved to flash (PROGMEM) to free SRAM.

What do you need to do that makes you think you need more RAM?
Please post your code.

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You have reached the limitations of the Nano, either because you haven't optimised your code yet or because you really have reached it. You can add devices to store data but it will never be the same as the RAM as that you currently use.

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