Add sound effects to project controlled by Nano 33 IoT

I've got a tank miniature that I'm wiring up with electronics using a Nano 33 IoT. I've got the turret swiveling, lights going, and all that. Working on getting it all controllable from my phone, but that's for a later discussion.

Right now, I'm wondering what hardware I should be looking at for playing sound effects and bits of music. I'm planning on loading everything onto a micro sd and selecting files as needed. I'm wondering what hardware I need. Been looking at stuff like the DFPlayer mini from dfrobot and thinking that might be my answer. Just looking for someone with experience in this sort of thing before I go buying hardware that isn't going to work.


Hard to beat the Mini for the price. Sounds like it is just your ticket. Small, cheap, mono sound, can drive a small speaker directly.

Best of luck!

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