add version library in github?


You started a topic about making a library available the the IDE Library Manager to which you got several helpful replies, then in reply #10 reported that you had problems with making a new version of the library available. Then at 07:59 you started a new topic about that same problem.

Why ?

It is these two topics that have been merged

Im so sorry

And now I have a question, can I ask?

And now I have a question, can I ask?

Feel free to ask if the question is relevant to this topic

Yes, it is related to this issue.
Because I still have a problem in one part.

So ask your question !

As I explained in previous posts, I have trouble adding later versions of my library.
How can I change the files in this photo?


no body is there!

hosein12s is enjoying a short break from the forum for posting the same question multiple times

Upgraded to a permanent ban for repeatedly creating new accounts to circumvent the ban.

It's really unfortunate that, after getting one on one, detailed assistance from one of the world's top authorities on the Arduino Library Manager, @hosein12s returned the favor with such disrespectful behavior.