Adding 23LC1024

Hello people of the interwebs

I have a project, based on a Pro Mini that runs fine. It uses 4x arrays to store variables I am retrieving from another Mega using serial.

This data is displayed on an I2C connected 0.96" Oled screen.

This has run fine for many weeks.

I now need to increase the amount of data I am receiving by 10 characters and display it on the Oled.

But, any further request to display anything on the screen (even the word hello) fails. The Pro Mini doesn't boot properly and hangs in the setup section.

Same goes if I try to extend the size of my receive array.

This (to my mind) can only be a memory issue. I used arrays (rather than Strings), but the fact that both array and screen commands are causing issues makes me think its a memory problem.

Especially as if I comment out other parts of the program that display text on the screen, then it will allow me to print other stuff to the screen (but not much).

All my text is formatted using (F()), and I am pretty sure it is as 'neat' as I can make it. All variables and arrays are set at their minimum sizes.

So, will I be able to add an SPI driven 23LC1024 and alleviate the issue? Never added SRAM to a project, so it's a bit new to me.

My question is, would external SRAM allow me to take the memory load of say the screen printing off the Pro Mini (speed isn't an issue here).

Ideally, I would bump over to a Mega, but it's all installed in a custom 3d printed enclosure and that would be a real pain in the bottom to rebuild.