Adding a counter to output to a folder on the desktop of windows

Hi Folks!

Quick question!

Is it possible to have a counter output a number to a file onto the desktop of windows? My Boss has told me to "simply" add that in but i'm a clueless dweeb so I don't know how the heck to do that! I've been searching for hours now and have not come across anything helpful, I know I can use serial print and use the serial monitor to view the answer but we need the number to save in case the power goes out!

Your arduino can talk to your PC, over Serial for example.

To write a file on the PC, a program must run on the PC. This program will listen to the Serial Port, create the right file, write what you want in it and then close the file.

I know PCs (windows) are not safe - but if you could start creating files by just plugging something on the Serial port, that would be a serious security breach...

So the question is: what program will run on the PC to do that...