adding a different atmega chip on arduino 1.5.x or 1.6.x versions

Hi Guys,

I'm tring to add an unsuported IC to the arduino compiler (AT90PWM).
I found that earlier versions of the IDE complain about an issue on the serial ports. For the time being changing the hardware.serial.cpp files by uncomenting the serial functions seems to allow compiling fine (With serial disabled, that is).

Versions 1.5.x of the compiler dont have this issue, compilation runs fine, but I cant upload. It says missing upload.tool.configuration. I would like to tacke this issue. Does someone know what do i have to add to the boards.txt file in adition to that needed on arduino 1.0x?

For the record I'm using usbasp or a serial version of the AVRISP MK2 programmer (the chip does not have a bootloader)

This is what I added to the boards.txt file on the arduino 1.0x (which works fine)


Have a look at THIS guide. It details the steps that are required to migrate your cores to the “new” (1.6.x) versions of the IDE.

You're missing a bunch of directives that are now needed in 1.6.x


unlock bits are set before programming bootloader
lockbits are set after programming bootloader (in some cases, to burn bootloader, you need to unset lock bits to erase the old bootloader). If not using the lockbits, just set all bits that are present to 1. Check datasheet to see how many that chip has.

extended fuses must be present, even if you're not changing them, as the IDE expects it.

bootloader.file must be present, even if it's a dummy file