Adding a function

I would like to use the DeviceI2C::isPresent function from Ports.h in SHT21Ports.h, or if someone knows how to get it to check to see if the sensors are present (I have already tried the I2C scanners it picks up the soft ports whether or not the device is connected) I need a way of checking to see if the devices are connected. I really need a way to check if the sensors have been unplugged.

The libraries are Mrjonny2's Pastebin -

Just check for the aknowledge to its device address as is in the i2c_scanner : Arduino Playground - HomePage
What are soft ports ?

The ports.h and SHT21.h creates a series of simulated i2c buses that run on one analogue pin and one digital pin. They are not picked up by the i2c scanner. This allows me to use 8 sht21 sensors which I would not normally be able to do on the same bus as they all have the same fixed address.

Sorry, I didn’t know that.
To answer your question, I should try that library, but I haven’t the time…
There are hardware multiplexers for the i2c-bus, but perhaps you know that already.

Hi, yes I do know about hardware multiplexors, the problem is that the device is based on a custom PCB that cant be modified so I need a soft solution to this.