Adding a "life science" kit

I am able to connect a CO2 sensor (CCS811, Keyestudio) via the Physics Kit using the MKR WiFi 1010 via the input2 and input3.

However, I would like to modify the app to add a Life Science kit to have at least three gas sensors for CO2, O2, H2, and maybe others along with temperature, pressure, humidity sensors to carry out life science type experiments (and some chemistry ones too!).

Has anyone started this already?

What sensors have you looked at? Do you have the budget to keep the sensors calibrated for your experiments?

Thus far only the CO2 and O2, both I2C, from Keyestudio and Gravity, respectively.

I am interested in experiments that determine the difference of gas content from a reference point to some other time of the experiment. Looking at changes not at absolute concentrations. The latter requires accuracy with great precision. The former requires knowing how much drift there is in the sensor from some reference background, measurable using a reference where no changes are occurring. Granted, that all sensors need to have a common calibration to start.
Thank you for you question.

And the drift and the frequency of the drift and the direction of the drift will be determined how? Frequent calibrations.

This still does not answer my initial question of creating a new lab science kit app within Science Journal that allows the addition of gas sensors.

You are nit-picking as if to make this a negative aspect.
Can we be more forward looking here? Please?

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