Adding an Sd card to UNO, NEO-6m and I2C LCD

I have a system running using an UNO, a NEO-6m GPS and a 20*4 I2C LCD.
My wish is to add an Sd card for logging data for later reading and evaluation in a Windows Pc.

The LCD uses the I2C of the UNO. The NEO-6m runs by serial software. Rx and Tx are used for debugging during program design.

There are plenty of Sd card shields and adapters. Using Google gives plenty of sellers but how to get hold of an Sd card interface that will fit well into my system?

That is what i ask You having system experience. What would be a good Sd interface in this environment.

As far as I know, all SD cards are read from and written to using the SD or SdFat libraries, using the SPI hardware pins (10, 11, 12, and 13 on the 328-based Arduinos). Just find one that is 5V tolerant. There must be something like 168146814684 to choose from.

Sd or SdFat libraries..... What is the major advantage selecting one or the other lib?
In other topics I have read that Windows Fat16 should be used, not Fat32. Moving the Sd card to a Pc and reading it there is favourable to avoid writing communication software for the 328.

In other topics I have read that Windows Fat16 should be used, not Fat32.

Then you read incorrectly. Fat16 is used by the SD library, and the formatter application that comes with it. It does NOT use any windoze crap to format the card, resulting in a card that can be used in ANY device.

Using the windoze formatter will result in a useless card, as far as the Arduino is concerned (as well as many cameras, etc.).

Sorry PualS, I don't get You.
Can You tell what I should use for formatting so I can write from an Arduino UNO and read by a Windows Pc?

Read the sticky at the top of this section of the forum. Everything you need to know about formatting the SD card is covered (and then some).

Yes! Tons to read, having a short look from the smartphone. I will start digging there!

3 pages of "Everything".".
One person tells "this works". The next person says "no".
There are different kinds of SD cards and it looks like they need different ways of handling. Different cards needs different formatting and handling. It's really hard to find the red line for something that works.

I only want to write ASCII based data in a moderate speed and the being able to read them from a PC, maybe Excell.