Adding audio to an existing project

Good day everyone

I have a current project (obstacle avoidance vehicle) that’s nearing completion, and I’m thinking of adding an audio component to it.The idea is that it either plays random or specified audio files at certain times during it :stuck_out_tongue: s travels.

Is there a cheapish and easy to use component I could add to get this done, instead of using a big shield?

Would something like the MP3-TF-16P / DFPLayer or GPD2846a be usable for this?

Any other recommendations and advice are welcome.

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The DF player is common. lots of recent talk about Halloween props using them.

Thank you Dave, I'll search for them and see if it'll be good for my purposes! :slight_smile:

DF Player is a great little MP3 player, can even drive a small speaker directly. I used it myself to drive an 8Ω 6" PA speaker, didn’t even need full volume, it was pretty loud already.