Adding audio to MIDI controller

I am at the breadbox stage of a foot controller keyboard build with a TeensyLC board. The MIDI over USB is working great, what is the best way to add line-level audio out? I rather a standard 1/4" mono jack and not the 1/8".


If you are looking for something to buffer the DAC output then there are lots of headphone type amplifiers on Ebay and Aliexpress.

I am pretty sure the TeensyLC does not have a DAC but I could be mistaken? I think i need more then an amplifier, I need something to actually generate tones from the midi messages.

What exactly is a "foot controller keyboard"? Something like organ foot pedals?

A Teensy LC does have a single 12 bit DAC. But that still means you need some code to drive it.

If you want audio produced from the MIDI then basically what you need is a synthesizer. Further detail is going to depend on what quality and variety of output sounds you need from it.