Adding capacitor to potentiometer

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i’ve been using arduino with potentiometer as steering wheel for some time and its working pretty well, but sometimes input is not smooth enough, it “jump” a tiny bit left or right, it does not make big problems but its sometimes irritating, so i thought about connecting capacitor on potentiometer to smooth input…

so what do you think about that, would that work and how should i connect capacitor like example A(Vcc/gnd to input) or example B (Vcc to gnd). ----> Screenshot by Lightshot

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Between the slider and GND. That slows down reaction to movements of the pot.
What’s the resistance of your pot? A 10k pot with 10µ capacitor has a 0.1-second RC time constant at the high end, 0.05 seconds in the middle.

thanks for you answer

yes, 10k ohm pot
so 10uF capacitor is good or do you suggest different one that would work better

Try 100nF to 1uF, anything more won't help I reckon, 10uF may make the response noticably slower as
the RC time constant is then about 50ms.

It depends on how fast you want the response to be. You could make it intentionally slow to react, though on one end of the pot the cap is having a much stronger effect than on the other end.

Larger cap = slower response.

Just wondering - maybe two caps (between GND and slider and between slider and Vcc) could balance that out?

A steering wheel that's slow to react is a rudder, not a steering wheel !