Adding distace sensor to robot

I need to add a forward and reverse distance sensor (Sharp GP2D13) to a robot. I need to move in reverse when and object is detected in the forward stop zone. The robot uses a Servo 8 board to send pulses to the PWM board. Is it possible to take the output signals from the Servo 8 board and the inputs from the sensors into a Arduini Diecimila USB IO board to create object avoidance?

Of course this is possible. A lot of examples exist for this.

For example have a look at


search the forum for terms like obstacle avoidance or sharp sensor...

and have a look at "Distance Sensing" here:

Is there a better option, I have not purchased the sensors or the board.

My idea resulted from reading the user post of the circular robot with a base made of Lexan. I will read the other link you provided.

I have a MMP8 mobile robot platform, Lantronix WBX2100( wireless connection) , Super Logics CP8200(analog to digital), Servo 8 board, Dlink DCS-6620G camera and some regulator circuits assembled. I made a docking/charging station, robot will be in an area that has limited access( underground tunnel).