Adding existing header file to sketch

I am trying out an existing sketch, which contains several files, including headers. I can add the non-header files successfully, but when I try to add a header file, nothing happens (no new tab with the file appears). Of course, compilation then fails since the file is not there. How can I use separate header files (not in a library) with Arduino Create?

Hi, as far as I know you are doing it correctly.

I'm not sure why adding the header file fails. Can you provide me the file that fails so I can debug the problem?

Thank you very much.

Is there a definitive description somewhere to understand the whole library and include process and how it is supposed to be executed correctly?

Working with the new MKR1000 board beta and with the Arduino Create beta has got me a little confused. I am thinking that each installation, of which I now have three, has it’s own library that it connects to for including files when compiling. Is this understanding correct? When working with 1.6.7 and my Mega ADK I put the libraries in the libraries folder that is with that 1.6.7 installation. When using the 1.6.8 folder that was created from expanding the zip file that I downloaded to use with the MKR1000 board, I will need to install additional include files with the library folder in that 1.6.8 folder. Is that correct? But I am not quite sure of the process for use with Arduino Create, because I don’t seem to have a library folder. Do I need to use the library manager in each case so that each software environment can handle the appropriate placement of the files?

I am still very unclear about this… Can anyone give some direction as to how this is supposed to work?

00alis<-- I will refrain from referencing the 1000 board on other threads… In my above question, I was talking about using includes on the three different installs that I have on my system at the moment. 1.6.7 - that I had been using, 1.6.8 - what I am now using for my MKR1000, and Arduino Create, that I am trying to use with all of my many boards except the MKR1000. With the 1.6.7 and 1.6.8 installs, each of them has a separate Libraries folder where I install my libraries that I want to use with my sketches. What is the proper procedure for Arduino Create?

Also, if there is an easier way to manage my library additions on the 1.6.x IDE(s), I would love to here all about it or be referred to an already existing post. Thank you for all your hard work on this amazing project and for taking the time to assist me as well.

Hi @MRMAINT62. the MKR1000 is not yet supported by Arduino Create, so please stick to the Desktop IDE to upload code on it. Thar's why is it confusing :)

For any issue related to the MKR1000 and how to handle libraries please write a post on as I see you are already doing. Thanks!