adding libraries and ethernet address/mac address

I am attempting to build an interface that will allow my computer to to talk to a LED matrix. I bought a Arduino UNO R3 Microcontroller along with a Sun Founder Ethernet Shield for the UNO R3. Combined the 2 together and then hooked up Ethernet, power and USB. I downloaded the ART-Net library (GitHub - natcl/Artnet: An Art-Net library for Teensy, Arduino and ESP boards), Ethernet library (GitHub - arduino-libraries/Ethernet: Ethernet Library for Arduino) and then added them by Tools=>Manage Library=> Add Zip off of the IDE.

I can see the Arduino through Device Manager and through the IDE; as it shows up on Com 3. I was under the impression though that the IP would also show up where it shows the Arduino under Com 3 on the IDE. I ran Control Panel =>Local Network to see if the computer sees the Arduino and has an IP address but it does not see the Device. The Arduino is plugged into the router and the router also is plugged into my computer. Tried multiple cables, all of the lights turn on when I plug it into the Ethernet Shield; so I assume it has connectivity.

While I attempted to troubleshoot, I found a Python Script that opens up the Ethernet shield and then pings it and then should give me back the IP. When I opened up a second window, ran the script and then sent "e" it came back that it could not connect. Which made me believe that I am not adding the libraries correctly.

Lastly at some point in time I am going to have to add a Mac address. It did not come with the shield. I read online that you can make your own in this format { 0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF, 0xFE, 0xED }. Do I need to then just run another Python script to "embed" the MAC address on the Arduino Uno?

I should point out that I have a script that shows if I have Ethernet activity by activating the led matrix. The matrix does not run when I run the script but when I run an alternate script that does not use the Ethernet I can get the matrix to light up; so I am getting data and power to the matrix.

Thank you for your time on what appears to be a common problem and yet I still can't figure out the answer. Call it a senior moment.


Which made me believe that I am not adding the libraries correctly.

The libraries are only used for code you upload to your Arduino board. They have absolutely no effect on the workings of the Arduino IDE. You can find example code for the libraries under the File > Examples menu. You can find documentation of the Ethernet library here:
The Artnet library is a 3rd party library so you'll need to refer to the URL you posted above to find documentation other than what is provided in the example sketches.