Adding library

Hello all We recently install visual studio 2008 and visual micro for arduino programming and write a small program of blink led build it and download it work fine.But now i want to make hello world program using 16x2 LCD so in visual studio/project/add arduino library/core and add LCD library then it is not add .How we add new or core library in it please help me =( =( =(


Thank you for reporting this problem. It sounds like we either have a configuration issue or a bug in the vs 2008 version of the visual studio plugin. We will test vs2008 and feed back to you.

In the meantime please register for the forum using the link at the top of at so that we can help you.

Because this is a free product we only have time to monitor the plugin forum, so please do register and you will receive much faster support.

An immediate workaround would be to manualy include the library in your arduino sketch or use the arduino ide to add the library (visual studio will auto detect the change)

Example: To manually include the library called “LiquidCrystal” you would add the following code to the top of your main sketch code

#include <LiquidCrystal.h>