Adding sound to a alarm clock

I am trying to build an alarm clock, I've got pretty much everything done except for the alarm itself. I need something to play sound files of a sd card, since I want to use custom .wav files. I am running the whole alarm of 5v from a micro-usb cable, so the speaker should run of that too. So:

  • runs off 5v
  • plays files from sd card Thats pretty much all I got, thanks for any help.

Google didn't turn up anything about playing wav from SD with Arduino? I find that hard to believe. Or did you need us to do that search for you?

I have used "DFplayer mini" in projects. They are cheap, easy to use and work quite well. They can drive a small speaker directly and will be quite loud enough to give you a heart attack in the dead of night. You can control the volume, of course!
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$_1 (4).JPG