Adding time to an existing project

I assemnbled the build on that page and have it functioning properly. But I would like to add time to what is beibg shown. Have it pull time over the usb cable. I want it to every five seconds switch between the display of cpu/ram usage to showing what time it is.

The problem is that i am still new to programming this little machine and beyond using time.h I am lost about how to go about doing what I want so I am asking for help here.

I know how to include library, but I do not know how to have the arduino pull the time from the computer or how to make the lcd I have connected to it display the time.

Any hints on how to go about this? Any information about this would be greatly appreciated.

MekkaViking: time.h I am lost about how to go about doing what I

I thought there was an example of how to do this included with the time library.

It is usually easier to use an on-board clock.

Since you have the USB cable connected, I guess the simplest solution could be to send the data back to the PC using PLX-DAQ. This is a freebie macro for Excel that effectively makes it into a terminal which collects a live data feed from Arduino and adds the PC time to it. No clock needed, no LCD needed either.

I probably should have added a bit more detail about the use of this build. The idea is to make it so that I can monitor cpu and ram usage as well as the currently time while in full screen mode of a program, such as a game or media player of some sort. That, and just the entertainment of building this of course. Im not so interested in logging as I am in active monitoring of this information, although adding this excel macro you mentioned does sound interesting and I may end adding that.

I should admit that when it comes to the programming side of electronics I have minimal experience and can get confused over some of the simple things on occasion. I am more interested in being given hints then in someone else doing it so I can copy/paste. I will check over the time.h page again. I must have missed something. I do not recall any mentikn on how to draw time over usb but i will recheck.

MekkaViking: I must have missed something.

It appears you haven't... I don't use time.h any more and had lost it. I have now had a look and it appears to do everything except what you want.

There has to be a way to make this work. If not using the time library, then another. I feel more research on my part is needed, I will see what I can pull up.

Even without having any answers yet, this has already been helpful. At least now I am going to be looking into other libraries.

It seems that TimeSerial in the library does do what you want after all, or at least part of it. It seems that most of this is a PC exercise to ensure that the time signal is available at the serial port.

So, if I understand correctly, at least part of what I need to do is modify the program which pushes the cpu/ram usage to also push the time? Okay. I believe I can do this.

Yes, I believe that’s right, but I remind you that a DS1307 module costs about $3.