Adding voice - preferred shield ?

I have a project in mind that requires outputting pre-recorded voice messages. Specifically, I will have a timer and 4 or 5 push buttons, each assigned to play a voice message. Pressing button #1 will play the first message, and so on. Durations are short (<10 sec each), and messages will be transmitted over two-way radio, so recording quality and sample rates will be low. Messages will be static, and seldom have to be changed.
Sketch-wise, there are excellent samples around that will make the programming task easy enough, but my question to the group is this:
Which shield would you recommend, the Spikenzilabs VoiceShield or the Adafruit Wave Shield ?

In particular, I’d like to hear about problems and successes with these shields.

Thanks in advance.


I can't say anything about the Spikenzie shield because I have not used one, but I have used several of the Adafruit shields and they work well.

The sound quality is relatively good (22khz sampling), and because they use an sd card for storage there is a lot of room for large sound files, and a change of sounds only requires a new card plugging in.

The down side is that they can't be used for sound recording, the files need to be written to the sd card by some other means.

It seems your application doesn't need quality or large amounts of storage but I would rather have an excess of both than a shortage of either.

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This may not fit in with the design concept, but have you considered a Speakjet shield? Droidbuilder has one.