Adding wifi to my project

hi, I made a staircase project which can be controlled with the touch button(same like push button)
with each push counter , it changes the functions as per code.. and it all works fine. now i feel like i want to control those with blynk or any android app or with home assistant through wifi.
soo where should i start? and im using arduino nano non wifi edition. my intentions is to control those push button functions wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

Get yourself a wifi enabled processor like ESP8266 or ESP32. Save the nano for other projects.

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yeah but this would make my project complicated as I'm using 5v ultrasonic sensors and also shift registers to extend the outputs... not sure it would work with 3.3v of esp32 or esp8266

Then you would interface to a separate ESP board using serial. That's what "everybody" does. You can even find Arduino clones with ESP on board...

Actually a proper answer can't be given without seeing the details of your project. Wifi boards are themselves 3.3V devices so you have an interface problem anyway...

like ESP-01? or is their anything better than that...

Google, and/or go to the marketplace where you buy this stuff and look at actual boards... most shift register IC's will work perfectly well on 3.3V...

But again, useful and directed advice can only be obtained from someone who can see your design. I've told you the possibilities if you want to figure it out for yourself...

The ESP-01 requires a fairly hefty 3.3V supply, other boards have built in regulators instead. Many Arduinos can not reliably source enough current on the 3.3V pin to drive the 01.

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hey i understand and this is my project schematics .hope now you could help me

That looks familiar somehow. :slight_smile: Do you have a real schematic?

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Google Photos
hope this could help

I see a fuzzy diagram. Do you have something where you can read the labels? For example, a PDF. Or, export it in a much higher resolution. Please post it inline here, don't use external links.

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@aarg hope this helps

What is "Sensor1" ? It refers to different parts on the schematic vs. the Fritz layout. Not good. You might need some simple level conversion for it, and also the Ultrasonic rangers, but I think everything else could run on 3.3V.

Otherwise you would just connect an ESP to the serial TX/RX on the Nano via level shifters. Then drive yourself to insanity programming it using the AT command set. :slight_smile:

sensor 1 is touch module tp223(acts like push button). would i be able to run this schematic with esp32 instead of Arduino nano?

That's pretty much the question I'm already trying to answer... can you provide a link to the module specs?

sure and the module supports 2 to 5.5v supply

Then I think the whole thing can run on 3.3V. You will have to power the SRH04's with 5V, but level translate the outputs with a resistive divider.

you mean the echo and trigger pin of sonic sensors?

Yes. For the trigger pins, I would use a 74HCTxx part to provide a genuine voltage up shift, the echo pins would just need a simple resistive divider.

is that for shift registers? that sounds new to me

hope this is what you mean

Yes, except "OP of esp32" should be "IP of esp32". Also labeling it "5V" is really confusing. That diagram sucks, but it is basically right. For the logic part, you want a buffer or inverter, not a SR. Or you can use commercial level translator modules based on transistors. I bought some that have 2 channels so you would only need 2.