Adding wireless connectivity to soundboard

Hi all,

I have built a sound board using a keypad and wave shield that plays sounds on an sd card.

This is all working great but I was wondering if I could enhance this a bit.

I plan to use it in a costume that'll allow me to play sound bites of the character. Luckily the character has gauntlets with switches on that I can install microswitches onto and control the sounds that way.

The only thing is, I'm not keen on the idea of having wiring running down my arms and off to where ever I store the arduino.

So.. I was thinking of doing it wirelessly if possible.

I've been searching and wireless just seems to bring up ways of sending/receiving signals/data but nothing on simply creating a momentary circuit (I want to mimic the action of pressing a button on the keypad - a momentary connection across 2 pins on the wave shield.)

Perhaps I'm over simplifying it and a better way would be to have the different switches send different signals and I just program it to play the sounds based on what signal is received? Only problem at the moment is.. I have no idea how to do that.

Is this kind of thing possible? If so would someone please point me in the direction of the kind of bits and pieces I'd need to accomplish this?

I realise I'll need a receiver to plump into the board, would be simple rf transmitter/receivers I've seen give me this functionality or will I need something a bit more flexible.

n.b. I'll probably be using between 6-9 buttons so 6-9 different sound clips controlled by their own switch

Any advice would be most welcome.

Many Thanks