Additional analog sensor information from Arduino to Pixhawk?


How to send additional analog sensor information from Arduino to Pixhawk?

What is the best way to do it? Can anyone guide me on how I view sensor data on the mission planner?
I can measure analog sensor data in Arduino now i want to transfer this information to pixhawk.

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This sounds more like a Pixhawk problem then an Arduino problem.

Perhaps there is a better place to find Pixhawk information and people falling all over themselves trying to be hellful.



But I am looking for any other solution.
I read analog sensor data in Arduino now I want to transfer this analog data through I2C communication to pixhawk I2C. Means ardunio work as a master and sends analog sensor data to pixhawk and pixhawk receive Arduino data.

Is possible? If yes, then How?
if No, can i do this using UART?

There is no problem on the Arduino side, which can interface to sensors of all kinds just fine, as well as act as an I2C master or use SPI or traditional serial data communication for sending such results along to another system, e.g. the Pickaze.

Your problem is entirely one of finding out how Pickaxe is configured to receive such data.

So find an Pickaxe forum or document or whatever. Unless there happens to be someone hanging out here with specific experience and knowledge about the Pickaxe.

Whilst waiting, find the place where Pickaxe is the big deal. Google is your friend.

Makes no sense. You have an Arduino of some kind, and a Pickaxe, and you want to transfer data from one to the other.



Have you googled

pixhawk arduino

This may help, a forum that discusses just your problem.

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