Addiung Libraries on Mac


I am new to all this....I am wanting to eventually create a movement sensor and collect the data
I have successfully conected the esp32 doit with my mac along with the mpu6050
I want to run the teapot demo and need to add i2cdevlib I use the add zip files from the include libraries but get an error message - Copy error
I read the library has to be added manually but my sketchbook has no menu when clicked on
I have should this title be altered to underscore and use the add zip files and how do I alter a title?
The arduino download is still under downloads and not in application when I look so it will not stay on the dock! ?
or can someone lead me by the hand to get this adding libraries done!
I assume it will be the same for other libraries after that?
Sorry just seen a post - windows and mac confusion with "sketchbook"
Thanks in advance