Address change on I2C Humidity Temperature Pressure Sensor BME280

Somewhere on this board there is a jumper that I need to cut (or solder together) and change the address of one of the sensors.

Is it between the copper pads that can be seen on the photograph or elsewhere on the board?
(I don't want to scratch off the wrong conductor.)

I have two BME280 sensors and a third one - Si7021.

All three should work off the same I2C bus at the end.

One sensor will have a 0.5M cable, another one a 1M cable and the third one 1.5M cable.
Do you have any suggestions on how to make it work better?

In the tab “Documents and Drivers” is the datasheet.

Open the datasheet, and go to page 37. The left one is the top-view. With the vent hole at the bottom, the pin 5, SDO, is the lower left pin.

The right one in your photo has also the vent hole at the bottom.
As you can see the pin 5 is going to the middle one of the three copper pads.
The middle one is connected to the left copper pad.
Scratch the connection between the middle and the left copper pad to disconnect those.
Use a sharp knife and don’t be afraid to scratch into the board. I think it is not a multiplayer pcb board, so a deep scratch won’t damage something.
Add a solder blob between the middle and the right one.

Thank you for trying to help me. I looked at the datasheet and at the circuit board.

Can you draw a circle of one color on the photograph to show me where I am cutting

And a circle of another color to show where I am soldering

OK got it. The datasheet doesn't tell me anything about changing address.

Inside the red circle is a copper trace that connects the middle pad to the left pad, remove that by scratching it with a sharp knife. The green circle is where the solder blob should come.

Thank you!


Did you change the adress of the BMe280 with success??

I'll try to finally give a clear answer to that question. I did the following to change adress 0x76 to 0x77:

I used a cutter in red and a solder in green.

My 2 cents.