Addressable led strand

hello there
i am new here so u can be easy on me :slight_smile:

i am using an adressable led strand which i bought 4 years ago with a controller , didnt have time to work on it from that time i decided now to start i lost the controller so i am trying using it with the arduino

i cant read the chip number but what i had validated that it is spi based as it has 4 wires data (green) and clk (blue) of course the other two is for powering it up

so i am stuck no on how to write a code on aruino i tried all the libraries from adafruit to polulu to fastLED nothing matches this strand so i decided to build the code myself

I just want to know the concept about giving it commands ie how to address each led and how to give each led the color and the intensity of this color

i would be so grateful if anyone can help

[u]SPI[/u] requires at least 3 wires.

It might be an I2C bus. I believe there is an I2C library.

But… I don’t know how to reverse-engineer the communications. Assuming it’s 8-bits, you can try sending it all 8-bit possibilities from 0-256 with a pause in-between.

Have you tried the attached code. This uses a clock and data.

LEDstrip.ino (4.5 KB)

it doesnt compile
i think this is a c program which i lack the knowledge of

thanks anyway

Get a library like FASTLED - it supports oodles of different addressable LED strands.