Addressable RBG WS2812 LEDs - Shortcuts?/tips?

Hey guys,

So this is my first experiment in the arduino world, however I have been using an espruino and a Pi up until this point so I have a little prior knowledge.

I have a project on the go which involves basically a grid of RGB leds created from a strip (because the dimensions and spacing I want aren't available as a matrix). But before I go and get stuck in taking the long route i'd like to know if there are;

  • Any useful Libraries for Addressable RGB control?
  • On the espruino it was mentioned that because the LEDs are technically forming a grid that I could use a command with a 'SetPixel' style, would this also be feasible on Arduino?

For extra project info keep reading;
The project is an A4 X-ray illuminator with a twist. the illuminator is created using a grid of addressable RGB LED's, that allow me to create patterns (such as sweeps, fades... etc). However instead of putting X-rays on top I put on Acetate artwork, that has been painted with transparent inks, thus allowing the light to diffuse through the art.

Any useful Libraries for Addressable RGB control?


You sir are an absolute Gent :slight_smile:

I had come across the analog RGB and digital RGB tutorials both of which hadn't been useful. This one however, hits the nail on the head :smiley: Thank you very much.

Since your post I now have a small scale 2x2 matrix running and im just tinkering with the code. Hopefully tomorrow I'll progress onto a larger matrix.

There's also one called FastLED that worked okay for me.

Good to see another Espruino user here :slight_smile: