Adhesives safe for Neopixels

I wanted to know if it is safe to use a super glue on top of the neopixel led's, i know that crazy glue has a white residue when it is curing and wanted to see if it is safe for the leds. Also any other alternatives that are safe would be great.

What do you mean by safe?

It certainly won’t work very well as it tends not to stick plastic. That is why they make the bottles out of the stuff.

You can use hot melt glue or a PVA type glue or a contact adhesive.

Why are you gluing on top of the neopixels?

Why are you gluing on top of the neopixels?

Neo pixels are being mounted to the backside of the halo ring in a headlight housing, need to glue the outer edge of the neopixel down.

LED's will be mounted like this to the back. I know that super glue will adhere just fine but i want to make sure that the LED's will be fine.

I expect they would be fine. I think I would prefer hot glue over the backs to hold them in place and insulate the pads form any moisture/wetness.

Try gluing one to a nonvisible area, like that fin at the upper left of the picture.

Ah it’s you. As you are having problem with temperature then hot melt glue is not going to cut it. I would try Silicon sealant. You can get a special type that is suitable for electronics, the bathroom stuff tends to produce a gas that erodes connectors.