Adjust 220V Powerconsumption with Arduino NANO


i am completly new to this topics but i was always interessted in Microcontroller programming and electronics. So i was happy to find the Arduiono Nana, wich lokks not too complicated to realize some projects....

My first Project should be the following:

I have got a small minibar with Adsorber cooling (cooling effekt by a heating element). I want to optimize the power consumption of this minibar. For this i want to realize a circuit and a programm which allows to turn on/off the heating element as soon a given temperature is reached. This seems not so complicated and i already found some example projects where this is working. The more difficult thing for me is, that i want to adjust the power consumption of the heating element in accordance to the temperature. For Example: 10° Power is Off 14° Power turns On with 60W 13° Power reduced to 50W 12° Power reduced to 40W ........

Is it possible to adjust the 220V Powerconsumption withe the Arduino ? (some kind of "dimmer" maybe ?)

Thanks for help Leon

There are plenty of phase angle control circuits both on this forum and on the net. Be advised though that building mains circuitry is dangerous. If you have enough knowledge to make a complete risk assessment you'll have enough knowledge to do the work, otherwise you don't. For the low power you are specifying a 12V or 24V heating element will suffice. These can be controlled quite simply with a MOSFET using arduinos PWM output.

Okay, Thanks ! I will come back on this as soon i started .....

regards Leon