adjust analog output of an extremely sensitive Hall Sensor

I am working with a very sensitive Hall Sensor (data sheet attached)

the sensitivity is 0.00292 [mV/G]
power supply is 5000 [mV] over 1024 [analog steps] yielding 4.88 [mV/ 1 analog step]

4.88 [mV/analog step] / 0.00292 [mV/G] = 1671.23 [G/analog step]

I am working in a range between -250 [G] to +250 [G]. Ideally I would be able to sense within increments of 1.0 [G]. I am using this sensor because it is very small and size is critical to get an accurate reading for my application.

So my question is how do I correctly translate the change in analog output from the Hall sensor to a Gauss value within my desired range?

To get an idea of what I am working with see: []

HHP-SU_696.pdf (65 KB)