Adjust time from ds1307 through the adjust menu with the buttons mode and set

Hello everybody. I have to do a project for school this semester and I need some help or a similar project if somebody already did one like this. So the project I have to do is "adjusting the time from ds1307 through the adjust menu with two buttons “Mode” and “Set”.
This is what the teacher told me:
“The references project DS1307_Simple reads the clock from DS1307 and shows it on the terminal. The teacher said that we have to combine the reference project DS1307 with the reference project Clock so we can adjust the clock from DS1307 through the adjust menu with the buttons “Mode” and “Set”. If an element has been modified if you want to go and change another one, the current element has to be saved in RTC through the I2C interface.(For example, if the minutes are modified and you press MODE to go to change the hours, while going to modify the hours, the minutes will be saved in the DS1307 minutes registry through the I2C.”

I will attach the files that the teacher gave to me: the DS1307_Simple and the “Clock” folder with two files inside and there’s one more file that he gave me but I don’t really understand what I could use from there.

Please if somebody could help me with this I would be very grateful… thank you in advance!!!

DS1307_Simple.ino (3.54 KB)

Clock_Max32_Oled.ino (12.3 KB)

Clock_Utility.ino (10.3 KB)

RtcDS1307.h (5.6 KB)

izzyisback21: Please if somebody could help me with this I would be very grateful... thank you in advance!!!

What have you tried?

Nobody here is going to do your homework for you. That would be cheating and it would mean that you would learn nothing.


I have tried to run the codes that I got and I modified some little things but it doesn't show me anything on the LCD... I don't know what I did wrong, I'm not good at those programming things at all so that's why I'm trying to get some help from you guys. I'm not trying to cheat, I'm trying just to get the help for this project because I'm not planning anyway to work something like this in the future but thank you anyway Robin2!

You need to post the code that represents your best attempt and tell us exactlyw what happens when you run it and what you want it to do that is different.

Have you asked your teacher for help? That is what he/she is paid for.